A fresh new take on dance competitions. Our mission is to provide dancers of all levels with a fair and positive venue to showcase their talents. These weekends should be about so much more than a trophy; it’s about an experience where feedback and growth are just as important as a score. We are here to inspire and ignite your passion and love for dance!

More Than Just a Trophy
National Finals

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CUT OFF: JUNE 6, 2022

*Room rate is subject to selling out prior to the cut off date. Rooms booked on 6/9/2022 or after will not be eligible for the Act 1 Talent room rate. Don’t forget to mention Act 1 Talent to receive our special room rate and discounted resort fee. Click here to book your room online!





GENERAL: Routines that competed in an Act 1 Talent Regional event and earned a Star Platinum, Platinum, Star Gold or Gold are eligible to participate in that season’s National Finals. All regional rules apply unless otherwise specified below.  

SUBSTITUTION: Regional qualifying routines may substitute dancers, except solos. However, routines must contain at least 50% of the original qualifying dancers in order to participate in National Finals. The substitution of dancers may result in age or level changes at National Finals. All routines containing substitutions must recalculate their age & level prior to submitting National Finals registration. Once submitted all changes will be subject to a change fee.

CASH AWARDS: Routines receiving Top Overall, 2nd Overall or 3rd Overall awards will receive a cash prize in Preview, First Act and Second Act levels when 5 or more routines are entered. Routines receiving Top Overall will receive a cash prize in Preview, First Act and Second Act levels when 3 or more routines are entered. Regional cash award rules apply. Cash awards will be distributed at the end of the event in the form of a check. Cash awards that are not picked up will be given in the form of a credit on the studio account, valid for one year.

CLASSES: Registered dancers are invited to join us for exclusive National Finals classes! Class schedules will be released with the National Finals competition schedule. Classes will be determined by the dancer’s registered age.

THE CALLBACK: Dancers invited to attend the Callback at an Act 1 Talent regional event will perform in THE GRAND FINALE opening routine. Invitations received during our 2021 regional tour are only valid at National Finals 2021. There is a $45.00 Callback fee. This fee includes an exclusive Callback t-shirt, which will be worn during their performance. Callback rehearsals will be scheduled during National Finals. Rehearsal schedules will be released with competition schedules. The Grand Finale will take place on July 10, 2021.

To register please follow the link to complete our CALLBACK registration form.

ACT 1 ARTIST OF THE YEAR: Dancers who participated in the Act 1 Artist of the Weekend program at a 2021 regional event and scored a Star Platinum, Platinum or Star Gold with their registered solo are invited to attend National Finals 2021 and compete for Act 1 Artist of the Year. Dancers are not required to be a winning Weekend Artist or Runner Up to compete for Act 1 Artist of the Year at National Finals. Artist of the Year participants will be required to pay an artist fee of $85.00. This fee includes Artist solo performance, A1T Artist t-shirt, rehearsals & group performance in The Grand Finale. Dancers competing for Artist of the Year in 2021 must perform the same routine they qualified with at a 2021 regional. If a dancer qualifies in multiple cities with multiple solos, only one qualifying solo can be performed. Artist solo performances will be adjudicated only and can be in any style. Dancers can compete the qualifying solo for both Artist of the Year & National Finals competition. However, they must register for both and additional competition fees will apply to enter National Finals competition. Artist of the Year winners will be announced at The Grand Finale. Participants must be present to win.  Due to COVID19 dancers who participated in the Artist of the Weekend program on the 2021 tour will be eligible to participate in the 2021 National Finals Artist of the Year competition.  Additionally, studios may submit dancers virtually to qualify for the National Finals Artist of the Year program due to Covid19 restrictions at our regional events.

Participants will receive scores in the following areas:

Artist Solo Performance: 300

Artist Improv: 150

Artist Rehearsal Etiquette: 50

Total: 500

To register please follow the link to complete our ARTIST registration form.

THE GRAND FINALE: The top 5 scoring routines (small groups & large groups combined) in Preview, First Act & Second Act levels will be invited to re-compete for the title GRAND FINALE CHAMPION. A studio may only be represented once in each division. Studios with multiple top scoring routines in a division will only be allowed to enter their highest scoring routine. Grand Finale Champions will be awarded in the Mini, Petite, Junior, Teen & Senior age divisions. Award presentations will take place at The Grand Finale.

ACT 1 ENCORE AWARD: Do you have students who spend their time volunteering outside of the studio? Has a student gone above and beyond to make a difference within their community? The Act 1 Encore Award will recognize dancers for making a positive impact in their community. Studios registered for National Finals 2021 with at least five group routines (small group, large group, super group or production) may nominate registered dancers for this award. Nominations do not have to be dance related. 1-3 winners will be selected prior to National Finals 2021. Winners must be present to accept their award at The Grand Finale on July 10, 2021 and will be required to do a short video interview during the week of National Finals.

ELITE STUDIO OF THE YEAR AWARD: Awarded to the studio receiving the highest overall average score. Studios must have a minimum of 5 group routines (small group, large group, super group or production) entered in order to qualify for Elite Studio of the Year. All group routine scores will be combined and averaged. The studio with the highest score will be awarded Elite Studio of the Year at The Grand Finale.

STUDIO SPIRIT AWARD: Awarded to the most spirited studio for their positive impact at National Finals 2021. The Studio Spirit Award will be announced at the last group awards ceremony during National Finals competition.



OTHER: All qualifying routines participating in National Finals MUST maintain the integrity of the original routine. Minor changes to choreography and music are permitted as long as the routine maintains its original integrity. Routines that did not pre-qualify at a regional event will be required to pre-qualify virtually.  Due to COVID19, studios unable to attend a regional event during the 2021 tour, due to special circumstances, may submit their routines virtually to qualify for National Finals 2021.

More Than Just a Trophy