A fresh new take on dance competitions. Our mission is to provide dancers of all levels with a fair and positive venue to showcase their talents. These weekends should be about so much more than a trophy; it’s about an experience where feedback and growth are just as important as a score. We are here to inspire and ignite your passion and love for dance!

More Than Just a Trophy

As we prepare for our 2021 Tour your safety remains our top priority.  Act 1 Talent will provide you and your dancers with a safe environment to showcase their hard work this upcoming season.  We have taken extra precautions to ensure your safety at our events.  Below you will find a list of guidelines and procedures Act 1 Talent has prepared to put in place for our 2021 events.  Please note, every state is different and guidelines will vary.  We are working closely with each venue and will follow all guidelines set forth by the local government.  Guidelines will be determined for each event individually and emailed directly to registered studios.  In addition we will add in any other measures we deem appropriate to ensure your safety.

CURRENT HEALTH STATUS: Anyone with flu like symptoms, a temperature above 100.4 and/or anyone who was in contact with a person confirmed with COVID19 may not attend.  In addition we strongly recommend anyone with compromised immunity or any underlying health issues not attend.

BLOCK SCHEDULING: Studios will perform in a block schedule.  Only one studio at a time will be permitted to perform.  Cleaning will take place in between each block to ensure your safety at Act 1 Talent.

FACE COVERINGS: Face coverings must be worn throughout the venue by all attendees.  While participating in competition face coverings will be “at your discretion” for registered dancers only during performances.  Act 1 Talent staff will be in face coverings at all times.

TEMPERATURE CHECKS: Temperatures will be checked daily for all Act 1 Talent staff.  Contactless thermometers will be available for use by registered studios.  We recommended that all attendees check their temperature prior to arriving at the venue.

LIMITED CAPACITY: Act 1 Talent is working closely with each venue and following guidelines of the local government regarding capacity for each event.

SPECTATORS: Spectators will be limited.  Each studio will receive a limited number of spectator passes.  Spectators must have a pass to view competition.  We strongly recommend spectators take advantage of our FREE LIVESTREAM to support their dancers.  Spectator seating will be socially distanced, entry and exit points will be clearly marked and must be adhered to.

DRESSING ROOMS: Each studio will be provided with a limited number of teacher/parent passes for the dressing room. Dressing rooms will be assigned.

WATER: Attendees are responsible to provide their own water for the entire event.

CASHLESS: To reduce contact, Act 1 Talent will only be accepting credit cards and contactless payment.

COSTUMES: Costumes are optional and will not affect scoring.  Masks, gloves and other personal protective equipment will be allowed during performances.  This will be left to the studios discretion.

STUDIO MEDAL PLACEMENT CEREMONY: Immediately following their block scheduled time studios Act 1 Talent will hold a medal placement ceremony for each studio.  This will be for registered dancers and teachers only.  Medal placements and select special awards will be presented during this time.  The remaining awards will be announced during a virtual award ceremony.

VIRTUAL AWARDS: Studio owners and directors will be permitted to attend award ceremonies in person.  Physical awards will be distributed in bulk to the Studio Directors only.  Dancers and their families can join us for a virtual awards presentation!

CLEANING & SANITIZING: In conjunction with our venue Act 1 Talent will provide frequent cleaning and sanitizing.

100% EVENT GUARANTEE: In the event Act 1 Talent is unable to host a scheduled event due to COVID19 studios will have the option to compete virtually or accept a full refund within 7-10 business days of the event.

OTHER INFO: Act 1 Talent will not provide any routine with microphones.  Studios should not register any routine that requires a handheld microphone, for example song and dance.  Please wash your hands frequently, limit the number of items you bring with you to the event, and follow all guidelines to ensure the safety of all attendees.

Alongside LA DanceMagic, Act 1 Talent was able to finish our 2021 Tour with a successful event in San Gabriel, CA.  To watch your dancers take our stage again lit up our hearts.  To our studios & families we know you have overcome so much and we are in awe of your hard work and dedication.  Our events may look a little different for the time being, but we will be dancing together again and that is what is most important.  We cannot wait to see you shine in 2021!

More Than Just a Trophy