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Act 1 Talent will provide you and your dancers with a safe environment to showcase their hard work this season.  We have taken extra precautions to ensure your safety at our events.  Below you will find a list of guidelines and procedures Act 1 Talent has prepared for our 2021 events.  This is the proposed plan for our 2021 Tour, and Act 1 Talent cannot guarantee the following protocols as every state is different and guidelines will vary.  We are working closely with each venue and will follow all guidelines set forth by the venue as well as the local and state government.  Guidelines will be determined for each event individually and emailed directly to registered studios.  In addition we will add in any other measures we deem appropriate to ensure your safety.


For city specific information, please check with your registered studio.



CURRENT HEALTH STATUS: Anyone with flu-like symptoms, a temperature above 100.4 and/or anyone who was in contact with a person confirmed with COVID19 may not attend.  In addition, we strongly recommend that anyone with compromised immunity or any underlying health issues not attend.


FACE COVERINGS: Face coverings must be worn by all attendees in all areas of the venue throughout the weekend.  While performing in competition, face coverings will be “at your discretion” for dancers on stage ONLY.  However, all others in the backstage area must wear their face coverings. Act 1 Talent staff will be wearing face coverings at all times.


TEMPERATURE CHECKS: Temperatures will be checked daily for anyone entering the venue.  Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or above will not be allowed to enter.  Registered participants with a temperature of 100.4 or above will not be able to participate at the event.  We recommended that all attendees check their temperature prior to arriving at the venue.   At the temperature check point attendees will be asked to sanitize their hands, have their temperature taken and receive a temperature check hand stamp.


WAIVERS: The following pass holders will be required to provide a signed waiver onsite: director, teacher, competition, and dressing room.  Pass holders must bring a completed waiver with them to turn into an Act 1 Talent staff member at the temperature check point.


LIMITED CAPACITY: Act 1 Talent is working closely with each venue and following guidelines of the local government regarding capacity for each event.  To ensure your safety, we are limiting capacity, this includes spectators and dressing room chaperones.  We cannot guarantee a live audience at each event.  We strongly recommend family and friends take advantage of our FREE LIVESTREAM to support their dancers.


CLEANING & SANITIZING: In conjunction with our venue, Act 1 Talent will provide frequent cleaning and sanitizing throughout the venue.


ACT 1 TALENT MERCHANDISE: Merchandise will not be available to try on.  All merchandise sales are final.


COMMON AREAS: Act 1 Talent asks that common areas are kept clear and that you refrain from congregating in the hallways and lobby area.  Groups will be asked to exit the facility immediately following their studio’s last performance. 



BLOCK SCHEDULING: Studios will perform their competition routines in a block schedule.  Only one designated studio will be allowed to perform during their scheduled block time. One audience member per competing dancer will be allowed during their studio’s block and will be given a competition pass for entrance  (unless otherwise restricted by venue & local guidelines). Cleaning will take place in between each block. Seating will be socially distanced, entry and exit points will be clearly marked and must be adhered to. We strongly recommend family and friends take advantage of our FREE LIVESTREAM to support their dancers.   Studios will be provided 1 teacher pass per 10 registered dancers, with a maximum of 7 teachers.  In addition each studio will be provided with 1 director pass.


DRESSING ROOMS: Each studio will be given a pass for one parent or representative per 5 dancers in the dressing room with a maximum of 12 passes per studio.  1-5 is 1 pass, 6-10 is 2 passes, 11-15 is 3 passes, etc.  Dressing rooms will be assigned and cleaned in between blocks.  All items must be removed from the dressing room when your studio’s last routine enters the backstage area.  Dressing room pass holders will be allowed in the backstage area to view competition.

DANCER CHECK-IN: Dancers, teachers, and dressing room pass holders will be required to check in and have their temperatures taken at their designated check-in time.  Check-in times will be scheduled 30 minutes prior to the start of your first scheduled routine.  Once the dressing room is ready, an Act 1 Talent representative will direct dancers, teachers, and dressing room pass holders to their designated dressing room.  Dancers should arrive in their first costume and ready to dance. STUDIOS MUST BE ON TIME FOR CHECK-IN.  A late check-in may result in the cancellation of scheduled routines.


COMPETITION PASS CHECK-IN: Each studio will receive one competition access pass per registered dancer.  Anyone planning to attend and view the competition in person MUST have a pass. This includes any siblings planning to attend.  Access passes will be given to the registered studio upon check-in.  We ask that you studios have a plan to distribute access passes to pass holders.  All pass holders will be required to check in and have their temperatures taken at their designated check-in time.  Pass holders will not be allowed to enter the venue until their temperatures have been taken.  Check-in times will be scheduled 15 minutes prior to the start of your studio’s first scheduled routine.  Once your studio’s last routine has finished all pass holders will need to immediately exit the venue through the exit door.


FACE COVERINGS: While performing in competition, face coverings will be “at your discretion.” However, all others in the venue must wear their face coverings at all times. Dancers are required to wear their masks into the backstage area.  Prior to going onstage dancers will be allowed to remove their masks, if they choose.  Each dancer will need to bring a ziplock bag labeled with their name.  Masks must be placed in their labeled bag and put on the designated mask table backstage.  Once their performance is complete, they will need to immediately return to the mask table and put their mask back on.

PROPS: Props must be loaded in and out of the competition area during your studios scheduled block.  Only pass holders may assist with props.


COSTUMES: Costumes are optional and will not affect scoring.  Masks, gloves, and other personal protective equipment will be allowed during performances.  This will be left to the studios’ discretion.


VIRTUAL AWARDS: All awards will be virtual.  Dancers and their families can join us for a virtual awards presentation!  Please see your city’s schedule for award times.  Immediately following your studio’s block, studio directors can pick up medal placement pins & medals.  Medal placements will still be announced during our virtual awards ceremony.  Remaining awards will be mailed to registered studios following the event.


GENERAL COMPETITION REMINDERS: All music MUST be uploaded prior to the cutoff date.  All pass holders (Director, Teacher, Dressing Room & Competition) must complete a waiver prior to entering the venue.  All registered dancers must complete an online waiver prior to attending the event.  Anyone without a completed waiver will not be allowed to participate in any capacity.  Capacity limitations will vary for each event. We cannot guarantee a live audience will be permitted at every event.  A strict schedule will be required to be followed by all attendees.  All protocols are subject to change at any time.

We are looking forward to a brighter 2021 alongside you and cannot wait to see your dancers safely return to our Act 1 Talent stage.

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