A fresh new take on dance competitions. Our mission is to provide dancers of all levels with a fair and positive venue to showcase their talents. These weekends should be about so much more than a trophy; it’s about an experience where feedback and growth are just as important as a score. We are here to inspire and ignite your passion and love for dance!

More Than Just a Trophy


Act 1 Artist of the Year 2020 will be hosted VIRTUALLY! Due to COVID19 and our shortened 2020 season dancers who attended a regional event or any dancer whose event was postponed are now invited to compete for Act 1 ARTIST OF THE YEAR virtually. All dancers are invited regardless if they participated in the Act 1 Talent Artist of the Weekend program at a 2020 regional event. Artist of the Year entries will be required to pay an artist fee of $50.00. Participants will be required to submit a letter of recommendation, video interview, solo performance video, two audition combos and a registration form. Participants receive scores in the following areas:

  • Artist Solo Performance: 150
  • Video Interview: 150
  • Audition Combo #1: 100
  • Audition Combo #2: 100

TOTAL: 500

To register please follow the link to complete our ARTIST registration form.


More Than Just a Trophy